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Metapost: Credentials, etc.

by on May.25, 2009, under Metapost

I understand that making a venture into the wide world of webcomic critique is fraught with peril, flames, anger, and the occasional dancing llama or two, and somehow that doesn’t seem to be stopping me. What makes me so brazen as to think that I’ll do any better at it than the other reviewers, or make my name known, or somehow survive the flames that the people over at Your Webcomic is Bad and You Should Feel Bad habitually attract?

. . . well, I don’t. I just figure this will be a way for me to get my opinions written down, and I get to feel important for having published my opinions in a public forum.

So what qualifies me to critique others’ webcomics? Well, for starters, I’m an English major, editing minor, with plenty of grammar, spelling, and usage classes in my repertory. I usually know how to use the language and how it works. Naturally, this means I’m merciless about typos (make your spelling/grammar Nazi comments now). Likewise, I’m a certified Gadfly (among other titles) with experience both in critiquing others’ work and in making webcomics myself. I’ve made enough gaffes and blunders in my time to be able to see them.

Now that we know all this, what are you going to find in the reviews? I figure this will mostly be commentary on art styles, humor, plot points, and whatnot. Expect both sarcasm and politeness, random thoughts on nothing, and the occasional creative endeavors of my own to pop up. And while yes, I do admire the cartoonists behind some of these comics and have met some of ’em in person, I don’t plan on pulling too many punches about what I like or dislike about their comic. (I understand that this is the equivalent of beating up someone’s baby in front of them, but then I’ve always taken a page out of W. C. Fields’s book, even concerning my own relatives.)

So … look forward with amusement or dread.

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