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I’ll be the first to admit that it gets tough trying to pick out a new comic to review each week! As it currently stands, I find most of them by going from one links page to the next until one catches my eye. But even link-hopping like that can only get me so far.

So if you want to suggest a comic, then by all means feel free! Heck, if you want to present your own comic for my scrutiny, I’ll happily give it a once-over and possibly even a review. Just keep the following criteria in mind:

  • Length: On the one hand, the comic should be long enough for me to get a feel for it. If you only have two or three comics, or even five or ten, then I won’t have enough material to go by (you know how many pages I tend to link for any given review). On the other hand, if you have a 3,000-page behemoth, that’s going to be a pretty daunting read, and I’ll have trouble keeping track of all the pages I want to link to.
  • Content: I tend not to go for extremes in what I review. If characters are dropping cluster F-bombs, I’ll be in the bunker. If they’re talking about nothing but sex, then I’d rather graduate from junior high. If they’re getting naked at the drop of a zipper, I’ll look elsewhere. If they’re splattering brains and intestines all over the panel borders, then sorry, but I have a weak stomach. And if they’re being cheese monkey random because they think Dadaism is hilarious … then they can go giggle at the works of Marcel Duchamp; I’ll read something I can make head or tail of.
  • Quality: Comics rely on art, legibility, writing, and regularity. The art should catch the reader’s attention, the lettering should be easy to read, the writing should hold the reader’s interest, and the updates should be reliable enough that the reader doesn’t forget about it. If a comic has at least two of these, I’m willing to give it a look. If it has all four, the cartoonist has probably turned pro.

Of course, I can be more generous than that list sounds, so if you think it’s just out of my range, go ahead and send me the link. My latest fortune cookie says I should broaden my horizons anyway.

… with the exception of lowbrow stuff. I’m twice as old as I was when I was in junior high, and I’ve gotten pretty tired of that level of humor. Sex and scat, in spite of what Hollywood thinks, aren’t punch lines in and of themselves. If you’re going to make dirty jokes, then for the love of comedy be deft about it.

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