Reading List

Reading List
I totally sit back and read comics in an exaggerated posture of relaxation. You should too.

Comics I currently read

This category is probably self-explanatory.
AWKWARD ZOMBIE – See the review for more detail.
Dangerous Cute – Journal comics … with kitties! Done by occasional guest-poster Gab.
Lintier – Because fluff. A sequel to Lint, which is linked below.
Manly Guys Doing Manly Things – An employment agency for hyper-masculine video game heroes.
The Non-Adventures of Wonderella – The world’s most lackadaisical superheroine.
Real Life Fiction – A gag-based comic that sometimes updates.
Sins: Fugue – The latest chapter in the Sins chronicle, after the vague revival of the human world.
Widdershins – A steampunk/fantasy comic by the cartoonist who brought us Darken.
XKCD – I think there’s some Internet law that requires me to read this.

Comics I picked up

I picked them up to review them and couldn’t put them back down again.
Randy and Ryan – Previously Squid Row. Looks like changes are afoot.
Three Panel Soulreview

Comics in Limbo

These ones just fizzled out for whatever reason. They’re still enjoyable, though, and if they ever pick up again, I’ll be waiting.
Daisy Owlreview
Golden – A fairy-tale parody. No idea if it really ended.
Six by Nine College – A werewolf, a vampire, the devil, and various others attending the University of Granite Heights.

Completed Comics

These ones reached the end of their runs, but I still enjoy going back and re-reading the archives.
Adventurers! – If it doesn’t make sense, and it’s been in a JRPG, this comic probably lampooned it somewhere.
Brawl in the Family – An adorably off-the-wall look at some Nintendo favorites. Mostly Kirby, though.
Cox & Forkum – Editorial cartoons.
Darken – Adventures in a fantasy world where pretty much everyone’s evil or crooked. Especially the protagonists.
Elf Only Inn – Online roleplaying at its hilarious worst.
Foob’s Paradise – A rewrite and extension of the ending of For Better or For Worse.
Lint – Fine fluff, as the cartoonist herself puts it. A fun fantasy comic.
Pygmalion in Space – by the same cartoonist as Lint. The most reasonable man in the world takes a cross-galactic voyage.
Squid Row – Read the review. Underwent title and site change to Randy and Ryan.