Metapost: Charity of the Month

So ever since that “Shame, shame” post, I’ve had something of an idea roiling about in my head. As long as people read this blog and maybe get something out of it, maybe I ought to try doing something nice with the attention now and then.

So here’s the idea: the Charity of the Month. Every month, I’ll find a charity with some sort of online presence and write up a little summary of what they do. If you think it’s a good cause, try sending a little money their way. It doesn’t have to be anything huge—even a small donation helps push these organizations toward their goal.

Since this post is showing up on Memorial Day for the American readers, the first charity on the list is the United Service Organizations. The USO provides a variety of services to boost the morale of current and former members of the Armed Forces and their families. This includes entertaining the troops at various military bases (even those on active duty), sending care packages, or running programs like Operation Enduring Care to help wounded soldiers better adjust to their circumstances.

I’m not going to make any comments about specific wars, or war in general*, but I think the USO does a good thing for the men and women in uniform. If you want to support their mission, visit their How to Help page for more information.

* I’d appreciate it if everyone could please stay civil in the comments section, too.

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  1. #1 by Brig on 17 June 2010 - 12:07 PM

    I think that this is a fine idea! (granted I’m a little slow in reading your blog… my apologies) The world needs more “seed-planters” and do-gooders! (consider yerself in that camp).
    Strangely, do-gooding was the topic of conversation yesterday in my circles) and…funny I should find this post in my internet travels! I hope that you continue with Charity a Month… I would gladly lend “Enid” your way if you should like a cartoon mascot… (Enid of “Squid Row”). Keep up the good work! (and the USO is an entirely worthy cause! My dad was a Marine).

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